mimarlik-slider-giris-enThe Architectural Faculty has been training specialists for over 40 years. Its history dates back to 1966 when the Vice Rector for academic work, associate professor Mogylat O.N. initiated opening of speciality “Architecture” and the first group of students were recruited for this speciality. For the purpose of quality training experts in the civil engineering branch the Architectural Faculty was established in 1971.

At different times the Architectural Faculty was headed by Pedko M.M., Marchenko V.I., Khazin V.Y., Volyk G.L., Gubar.V.M., Rusin V.V., Toporkov V.G.

Nowadays the acting Dean is Shulyk Vasyl

The Architectural Faculty trains specialists for the Bachelor’s degree in the following fields:



arts and crafts;

Students can get the Master’s degree in the following specialities:

building and constructions architecture;


architectural environment design;

fine arts, arts and crafts.

Highly qualified teachers train students for obtaining the Bachelor’s, Specialist’s and Master’s degrees. Among teachers there are 3 members of the UkrainianArchitectureAcademy, 2 honoured artists of Ukraine, 2 honoured culture promoters, 4 Doctors of Sciences, Professors, 25 Candidates of sciences, associate professors, and other highly experienced practical teachers.

Students willing to be engaged in research activities and to raise their qualification level may attend the post-graduate course and learn such specialities as: 18.00.01 “Architecture Theory. Architectural Monuments Restoration”; 18.00.02 “Building and Constructions Architecture”; 18.00.04 “City Planning”. Completed dissertation research works for the Doctor (Candidate) of Engineering Sciences degree on the speciality 05.23.20 “City and Territory Planning” and the Doctor (Candidate) of Architecture degree on the speciality 18.00.04 – “City-Planning and Landscape Architecture” may be defended at the Specialized Academic Senate.

The high level of architectural students education is demonstrated by the results of annual Ukrainian and CIS architectural and design schools diploma projects competitions. Works of our Architectural Faculty students traditionally win mainly the first and the second places.

Students’ life is bright and eventful. The studying process requires the competitive nature at estimating the results of the tasks fulfilled.

The Architectural Faculty’s graduates occupy the positions of chief architects in regions and cities, chief artists, regional architects and leading experts of design workshops and studios in Ukraine and other world countries. Many architectural graduates devoted themselves to research and teaching work and have become Candidates and Doctors of Sciences.

Olexandr Semko
ScD, Professor, head of the Architecture and Urban Construction Department


Sazonova Oksana Yuriivna
PhD in architecture, associate professor