Electromechanical Faculty

The Electromechanical Faculty was founded in 1992. It trains specialists for the following fields of engineering: machine-building, mechanical engineering , electro engineering, automobile engineering.

Nowadays the acting Dean is Nyzhnyk Oleksandr.

According to the mentioned directions, the following specialities are trained at the Faculty:

Lifting, Building, Road and Amelioration Machines, and Equipment;
Machine-Building Technologies;
Automobile and Automobile Services;
Electromechanical Automation Systems and Electric Drive.

The training is provided for the three educational levels, namely the Bachelor’s, Specialist’s and Master’s degree. Three of the five Faculty’s departments, are graduating ones. Nowadays the total of more than 900 students study at the faculty, improving their theoretical knowledge in 20 laboratories, equipped with the full-scale equipment. Among them there are: the School laboratory on Automobiles Maintenance and Diagnosing, the School Workshop with metal-cutting equipment, etc. In February 2010 the University signed an association agreement with DELCAM Enterprise (Great Britain) and established a training centre for students of the “Machine-Building Technologies” speciality in order to help them study advanced computer-information technologies. Lecturers and tutors of the Constructing Machines and Equipment Department together with their students participate in the research work, carried out by the Research Physical Labour Mechanizing Laboratory. Up to 2010 the Laboratory was headed by the outstanding scientist, now deceased Doctor of Engineering Sciences, Professor Onischenko Oleksandr Grygorovytch, the former Rector of the University. Students exercise their research work at the design-engineering department “Vibrotehnika”, which is headed by the Candidate of the Engineering Sciences, Associate Professor Nesterenko Mykola Petrovytch.

The Department also provides the post-graduate course for those who would like to obtain the PhD degree in the Engineering Sciences. Over 20 Master’s theses for the PhD degree have been defended recently.

The graduating Automatics and Electric Drive Department provides the post-graduate course as well. The course is headed by the Doctor of Engineering Sciences, Professor Galay M.V.

The research and teaching staff of the Faculty departments , provides students with the high-quality education and training. This fact is proved by the numerous awards, gained at the Ukrainian and International Academic Competitions.

Students of various faculties achieve high results in international and the Ukrainian contests under the supervision of the Ukrainian Culture and Humanitarian Training Department’s teachers. The total of 1892 students had been trained at the Faculty for the period of 1994 – 2010. Among them 1703 students got the Specialist’s degree and 189 obtained the Master’s degree, and 267 got the Honours Diploma. Best students of the Faculty have the scholarship.

25 per cent of the University students engaged in eager sports activities study at the Electro Engineering Faculty. The University graduates enjoy quite successful carriers in the fields of machine-building, construction works mechanizing, transport sphere, energetic sphere, etc.