Faculty of Information and Telecommunication Technologies & Systems:

Faculty-of-Information--Communication Faculty of Information and  Telecommunication Tecnologies & Systems  (FITTS) was founded in 2008 by the branch  leading specialists.

Over 650 students from various regions of  Ukraine master knowledge and skills in the  most up-to-date training fields:

- information sciences

- computer sciences

- computer engineering

- telecommunications

Students are taught the following specialities:

- information science

- computer-systems hardware

- computer systems and networks

- communications information networks

- telecommunication systems and networks

The faculty is situated in a separate building in the picturesque centre of Poltava.

At the students’ disposal there are classrooms equipped with the modern telecommunication systems. The faculty is proud of its lecture-hall where the branch leading specialists from other Institutions of Ukraine and Europe deliver lessons in the remote mode.

“CISCO” net Academy functions at the faculty. Three departments – Applied Mathematics, Information Science and Mathematical Modelling (headed by Doctor of physical and mathematical sciences, professor Gennady Gubreyev); Computer and Information Technologies and Systems (headed by Doctor of engineering sciences, professor Olexandr Lyahov); Computer Engineering (headed by Candidate of engineering sciences, professor Victor Krasnobaev) closely co-operate with the branch leading research institutions and enterprises: Institute of Mathematical Machine and System Problems of Ukraine;National Academy of Sciences; Institute of Electronics and Communications of the Ukrainian National Progress Academy, “Ukrtelecom” Joint-Stock Company, Poltava Branch; “RRT Concern” Poltava Branch.

The faculty is the “Informational Communications” Educational Complex member.

Programming, telecommunications and circuit engineering clubs have been organized and successfully work.

Such type of education gives students an opportunity to become all-round educated and competitive specialists in the information and telecommunication branch.