In 1994 at Poltava National Technical Yuri Kondratyuk University was founded the Faculty of Economics, in April 2003 on its base created Faculty of Economics and Information Technology and Management, Financial and Economic Faculty. In July 2008 on the basis of Faculty of Economics and Information Technology and Management was created the Faculty of Management and Business, and the Faculty of Information and Communication Technologies and Systems.

Faculty of Management and Business is headed now by the dean of faculty – Doctor of Economics, associate professor Komelina Olga Vladimirovna.

Deputy Deans:

- PhD in Technical Sciences, Associate Professor Vladimir Biba;

- PhD in Economic Sciences Maksymenko Oleg Sergeevich.

The University has about 800 students on the budget and contract training.

Planning of preparation and formation the contingent of students based on the existing relations with enterprises, organizations, farms and learning needs in specialties this profile on the regional labor market. Thanks to existing long-term communications with production, students have opportunity to pass practical training, including preparation of each specialties, to prepare real coursework and theses.

Faculty consolidates and manages scientific, educational and methodical work of three departments:

• Management and Administration (the head of the department – Doctor of Economics, Professor Irina Markina);

• Accounting and Audit (the head of the department – Doctor of Economics, Professor Boyko Larisa);

• Economic Cybernetics (the head of the department – Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Savenko Ruslan).

About 80% of the teaching staff of the faculty has academic titles and degrees. Training on the faculty as well as at university is carried out according to requirements of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of Ukraine, provided the working system planning studies and control its quality, responding to the modern requirements of the global economy.

For preparation the highly qualified specialists computer labs with modern software are used. The department of accounting and auditing standards established computerized accounting training, with other departments – workstations and teaching rooms. In teaching students of faculty take part about 20 university departments. During training, students learn more than 60 disciplines, perform calculations and coursework, receive deep fundamental, professional and economic training, have good skills with computers and actively use it in the classroom. Important role in learning takes work placements, which are held at enterprises and organizations at the end of the 3rd and 4th year courses.

Members of faculty conduct research in a wide range of theoretical and applied problems, including management of enterprises of different economic activities, the development strategy of enterprise, innovation and investment activity for enterprises of different ownership, valuation of real estate, accounting, audit and diagnostics budgeting and financial support for production and economic activity, state and local finance, taxation, management of enterprises in market conditions.

The faculty has postgraduate courses at the department of economic cybernetics and created the conditions for the preparation of PhD candidates.

Educational work among students at faculty covers the main directions of legal, moral, ethical, labor, professional, physical, military, patriotic, artistic, aesthetic and environmental education. Clearly defined educational objectives, training areas, the saturation content of the educational activity, its planning, various forms and methods of educational impact on students are realized through educational process, organized and actively working student’s and sports clubs with involvement of student’s self-government work.

The faculty includes the following clubs: business club, sports, funny, KVN, KIM, dancing, various groups of amateur performances and programming.

Faculty trains specialists in the field of knowledge 0305 “Economics and Entrepreneurship” in the following areas: 6.030502 “Economic Cybernetics” 6.030509 “Accounting and Auditing” in the field of knowledge 0306 “Management and Administration” – the direction 6.030601 “Management” in the field of knowledge 1401 “Service Industry” – the direction 6.140103 “Tourism”.

After graduation educational qualification “Bachelor” students can continue their studies:

- in “Economic Cybernetics” – level “expert” or “master” in the professional direction “Economic Cybernetics”;

- in “Accounting and Auditing” – level “expert” or “master” in the professional direction “Accounting and Auditing”;

- in “Management” – level “expert” or “master” in the professional direction “Management”, “Management of innovative activity”, “Investment management”, ” Management of Foreign Economic Activity “;

- «Business Administration” (master’s program), where students can study with diploma of “Bachelor” in any field of study.

From 2012 is carried out student preparation in the direction 6.140103 “Tourism”