Welcome to the Scientific and Technical Library of Poltava National Technical Yuri Kondratyuk University, one of the largest university libraries located in Poltava region.

The Scientific and Technical Library is a regional training center for university libraries III – IV accreditation. It is the Information centre for study, research, cultural and educational activities of the university.

The main tasks of the Scientific and Technical University Library are:
creation, preservation and organization of personal and global information resources usage that meet the requirements of scientific and educational processes at the university;
providing informational and research university staff and students need on the principles of accessibility, efficiency, information content, comfort;
introduction of innovative technologies in the library processes.

For the realization of its main tasks the library provides the following technological processes:
current staffing, recomplectation, retrospective acquisition, book exchange, scientific and technical processing, storage and usage of the fund;
organization and management of RST (Reference and Search Tools) (traditional, electronic carriers of information);
differential provision of users` requests of the originals and copies of documents.
scientific and methodical work;
bibliographic, information and reference services users` requests, development and production of information and bibliographic products;
the library and bibliographic processes automation introduction and newest library and information technologies development and introduction;
cultural and educational activities.

Scientific and Technical Library has a unique diversified fund of scientific and technical, educational, regulatory and technical, fiction and foreign literature. High level of informatization of the library system gives an opportunity of effective implement of new educational technologies to improve information ensuring the scientific and educational process and students’ independent work.

We invite you to use our resources. You are always welcome!

Sincerely, Valentyna Sydorenko